Articles by James S. Robbins


Get Ready for Hillary 2020

Conservatives who think the country dodged a bullet in the 2016 election better keep their Kevlar handy, because odds are Hill...

Sen. Blumenthal's Stolen Valor

Blumenthal has some nerve invoking the standard "false in one thing, false in everything" against Judge Kavanaugh given his bl...

Trump Tells the UN: America First

President Trump delivered a determined defense of the traditional sovereign state....

Russiagate: Go Ahead And Reveal FBI Sources and Methods

Will declassifying text messages regarding the Russia investigation compromise FBI sources and methods? Let’s hope so....

3-D Printed Gun Hysteria

The crackdown on plans for 3-D printed guns will do nothing to stop the spread of information and innovation, but presents an ...

Then They Came for Silent Sam

Tearing down Confederate monuments is part of a wide-scale effort to rewrite every aspect of American history....

Hollywood Erases Old Glory From the Moon

Removing the flag raising from the Apollo 11 Moon landing is simply bad history....

Making Custer Great Again

What if Custer survived Little Big Horn?...

Politically Correct Effort to Rename Austin Proves Donald Trump Was Right

First they came for the Confederate monuments, but who knows where progressive efforts to erase history will end? It is a 'sho...

Trump Tower Meeting Was Not A Crime: It Was A Setup

Fusion GPS-connected Veselnitskaya had no anti-Hillary material to offer. She wormed her way onto Trump Jr.’s schedule by dang...

Suspend Robert Mueller's Politically Tainted Witch Hunt

It is dangerous to subject the office of the president to a gravely biased probe undertaken with a reckless spirit....
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