When Leftists Mock the Faithful

Leftists seem convinced that religious Americans are merely bigots hiding behind the Bible....

​Trump Can Take the Hispanic Vote

President Trump has the opportunity of a lifetime to win over Hispanic voters...

Today's Socialist Democrats Do Not Resemble JFK's Party

The new face of the Democrat party espouses socialism, open borders, and the end of merit. It is against American patriotism. ...

Social Media Crushing Conservative Free Speech

The new war on conservatives on the internet is the same old attempt by desperate liberals to shut down their competitors in t...

Politically Correct Effort to Rename Austin Proves Donald Trump Was Right

First they came for the Confederate monuments, but who knows where progressive efforts to erase history will end? It is a 'sho...

Dems Turn Strzok Hearing Into a Clown Show

Democrats at the Strzok hearing dodged, deflected and demeaned in an attempt to distract from the truth...

Critics Go Bananas as Trump Makes History in Helsinki

Did anyone notice Putin's agreement to let Mueller's team attend questioning of the 12 indicted Russians?...

When Illegals Bring Diseases Over the Border

What's coming over into the U.S. could harm everyone. ...

Bottom Line: Trump Did What McCain Could Not

The last word really comes from the title that Donald Trump has -- President....

Democrats Overplay The Trump Card

Poor delusional Democrats. They always think they have Donald Trump right where they want him. But they never do....

Trump: He's No Saint, Just A Great American President

A good man may be a poor president, and a great president may not be a moral paragon....

Hillary For Speaker? Dream On

Rumors are swirling that the Democrats want to appoint Hillary Clinton as Speaker of the House should they win a majority in t...

John McCain: A Navy Flyer's Appreciation

Whether you believe John McCain was an ordinary man or not, what he went through from 1967 until 1973 was extraordinary....

Democrats Supporting Criminal Aliens

Democratic lawmakers don't have your back -- unless you're a criminal undocumented immigrant....

A Hellish Year Is Coming Over Impeachment

America has no desire for a political struggle to the death over impeachment, but the Democratic base is out for blood....
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