Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) began Friday's hearing with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker by sighing over how uncooperative he has been with the House Judiciary Committee. The panel had given Whitaker plenty of opportunities to prepare for the questioning, Nadler argued, but it was "clear" he hadn't. 

When Nadler got his five minutes to ask questions, they were all about Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation into Russian collusion. The Democratic chairman asked Whitaker repeatedly how often he'd been briefed on the Russia probe, and whether he had relayed any of that information to the president.

Whitaker said he can't talk about ongoing investigations, but that yes, he has been briefed on them. He is the person "ultimately in charge of the investigation," yet insisted he has not interfered in any way with it.

When Nadler kept pressing him on the same matter, that's when things got entertaining and when Whitaker started snapping back with some fresh quips.
Source: Town hall


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