“The end is near, ladies and gentlemen. Unless you vote for radical Democrats on Tuesday, the forces of hatred and division will destroy our democracy and likely kill us all. Donald Trump and the Republicans are the second coming of history’s greatest monsters and only you and your vote can stop them. Now chip in a couple of bucks to ensure the sun still rises on Wednesday morning.” While those exact words haven’t been used, the sentiments have all appeared in campaign fundraising emails in the last couple of months. All that hyperventilating, spin, and lies comes to a head tomorrow when we find out if more Americans than not are crazy or ignorant enough to believe some of the most ridicules claimed ever written.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to find it necessary for work purposes, like me, to sign up for campaign emails, or if you did it because you’re a glutton for punishment, you have been inundated this year with plea after plea for “$3 or more” to help elect Democrats because Republicans are awful, or something. Reading them is good for a laugh, but it also makes you wonder, “Who does this work on?”

Individual campaigns have their own versions, as does every liberal activist group. But today I’d like to point out some of the more hysterical lines (in both senses of the word) from the Democratic National Committee itself.
Source: Town Hall


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