It's not exactly a catfight, and even calling it that is a no-no. But certain lionesses of culture and politics are growling, hissing, spitting and scratching at one another. Some of the growls are fiercer than others, but there's anger aplenty. 

Barbra Streisand, the dowager songbird of Hollywood, is out promoting and hyping her new protest album, "Walls," and building walls of her own. She's making catty and condescending remarks about women who don't agree with her politics. Explaining Hillary Clinton's failure to break the glass ceiling in 2016, she falls back on the old complaint thrown at the suffragettes, that since women don't have minds of their own, they would just vote like their husbands, so who needs them?

"A lot of women vote the way their husbands vote," Streisand told the London Daily Mail, explaining why Donald Trump won. "They don't believe enough in their own thoughts." Adding insult to intimidation, she further explained that Clinton, "so articulate, so experienced and so fit for the presidency, was too intimidating." It's hard to unpack her logic, but she's accusing women voters of not only being unable to think for themselves but also being driven by their emotions and feelings of inferiority. Where have we heard that before? She just doesn't understand why every woman doesn't think like she does.

The remarks invited a Twitter tornado from women saying she was "gender shaming" and telling her they won't be tutored by a left-wing Hollywood celebrity whose husband no doubt votes the way she does. Is he intimidated by her success? If she's so upset by walls, some of them suggest, she could tear down some of the high fences that protect her glamorous houses, whose taste and style she set out in a coffee-table book. Most stinging of all, others recall how she kissed up to Bill Clinton after he was credibly accused of rape.
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