While there are many nuances and sub-text to the drive-by shooting of President Donald Trump by incoming junior Senator Mitt Romney, three primary messages come through that are likely to define politics in America for the foreseeable future.

First and foremost, Romney was expressing the outrage by the neo-conservative and internationalist establishment to the president’s announced withdrawal of troops for Syria and the pull-down in Afghanistan.  For the first time, Trump had actually moved in a concrete way in opposition to the globalist agenda of American Empire.  As no less an internationalist voice than Robert Kagan in the same issue of the Washington Post noted, opposition to the president’s move is far less vocal and active outside the Beltway than in.

To be clear, Americans are tired of seeing trillions of dollars wasted on the multiple wars where the direct interests of the United States are nowhere to be found.  They are bone tired of seeing 20-somethings with artificial limbs.  And they are more than sick of the damage our aggressive foreign policy under the neo-cons has done to the image of and support for America around the world.

Whether Romney and his ilk want to admit it or not, there is growing opposition to their Trotskyite push for world domination.  Most Americans want to live in peace and build for their families.  They do not harbor the feverish dreams of Empire that seem to motivate so many in Romney’s world.


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