Vermont lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would make abortion a constitutional right in the state, going way beyond the law that New York recently passed.

Vermont's law, critics say, strips away any and all rights of the fetus and makes abortion-on-demand for any reason.

The right to abortion bill, which has 91 co-sponsors, goes beyond the scope of Roe v. Wade, which protects a fetus that can survive outside the mother's womb. In Vermont, an abortion could be performed up until the point of birth for any reason.

"I think it's completely dangerous, irresponsible, poorly written and should be voted down," Mary Hahn Beerworth, of Vermont Right to Life Committee, told the local news.

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, helped draft the bill.

"Legislators did come to us to ask us for our opinions and for our input on the bill, and I think that's because they see us as experts. We are experts in this field and in the area of reproductive rights," Lucy Leriche, of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, told NBC 5. "What the bill basically does is codifies those exact same abortion rights that Vermonters have enjoyed for the last 46 years."
Source: Fox News


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