“No one – nadie – has the right to invade someone else’s country,” the young lady informed me, her eyes snapping, her forefinger and thumb jabbing the air to punctuate her words. “And it does not matter what their politics are, how poor they are, or how many crocodile tears they cry.”
Added a second young lady, equally as adamant and unrelenting, “The minute illegals cross the border, turn their a**es around and send them back where they came from. American gringos have to stop cowering to Latinos.” 
Now, before any bleeding-heart leftists start clutching their pearls, falling into a swoon, and accusing these two ladies of “racism,” let me hasten to add that both of these women are Hondurenas (from the Republic of Honduras). Both left their homeland to escape from corrupt politicians and the abject poverty that leftists inflicted upon them. And – most importantly – both are legal immigrants.
The latter is one of my oldest and dearest friends (I’m old; she’s dear). And the former is my wife (who courageously overcame the most draconian poverty imaginable).  Each worked hard to get where she is. And neither has any use whatsoever for those who try to cheat their way through – or those who support them.
So, where does all of this leave the real racists – like Barack Obama (who in 2008 told the NAACP he was in favor of “disproportionately benefiting people of color”), the superannuated Nancy Pelosi, the smarmy Chuck Schumer, and all of the other the sovereignty sell-out artists?
It leaves them right where they have always been – at the very forefront among those who are obscenely eager to foment racial and ethnic strife for the most mendacious and malignant political purposes possible. They are willing to sell out their own country and its culture in order to garner the votes of a bunch of largely unacclimatable foreign invaders who sneak into our country, steal our people’s birthright, and drain our coffers dry.
And no, Jeb (the Bush family idiot – which is saying something when you look at his siblings), I can tell you as someone who owns a home in Honduras, illegal aliens do not come here as an “act of love.” They come here as an act of greed. And as a bunch of “slackers” (which started out as a World War One term for those who refused to fight for their own freedom).
Let’s start with greed. The 30-million-plus illegal aliens who have invaded our shores are here to soak up every American dollar they can get their hands on. Do they work for the money? For the most part, absolutely. But I doubt you would be terribly impressed if I broke into your home and then told you that you should be deeply appreciative because while I was there I did the dishes. Get real.
And then, let’s look at what they do with the money they siphon off (both from ill-begotten earnings and welfare rip-offs). The fact is, they send a substantial amount of it back to their friends and families in the cesspool countries to which they still maintain their allegiance (and whose flag they still wave). It’s called “remittances.” And taken in its total, it creates a tremendous drain on the U.S. economy.
Do the math. Let’s say that the 30-million-plus illegal aliens each makes, conservatively speaking, $25,000 a year. And they send a bare minimum of ten percent back to the home folks. That is $75,000,000,000 (as in billion) dollars sent out of the US economy – each and every year.
That’s money that could have been spent on US products. It could have been spent on US services. It could have been spent on building US businesses and creating US jobs. But, no, it is all heading offshore to destitute, barren Latin American countries to prop up dismal economies robbed and raped by tinhorn despots – whom the illegal aliens have failed to lift one sorry finger to oppose.
And that brings me to the second reason illegal aliens steal into our country. Again, Jebbie, love has nothing to do with it. But, being a slacker certainly does.
You may have noticed if you looked at Barack Obama’s grotesque “Children’s Crusade” a couple of summers ago (when he opened our borders to invading hordes of illegal alien “children”) that there were very few real children anywhere in sight. Most were able-bodied, heavily tattooed teenagers (many waving their middle fingers in the air). And the majority were males.
Now, let me take you back in time a bit. Back about 250 years to be exact.
When the British crown oppressed the American colonists, correct me if I am wrong – but I don’t recall the most able-bodied males among us sneaking across the Canadian border and hiding out among the locals. Maybe I missed something. Maybe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock, and the whole bunch of them actually abandoned their wives and children, and sent back some money to salve their families’ wounds – and their own consciences. But, I don’t think so. Not like with the hordes of illegal aliens who refuse to fight for their own freedom and make us all look back with shocked admiration at young Danny Ortega and his band of Sandinistas.
Now, if all of this sounds like I am saying to you that I consider illegal aliens a bunch of greedy, grasping slackers who ought to be sent packing back across the southern border … Well, I’d say you have damn good hearing.
So, hasta la vista, baby!
Come back when you get a Green Card, can earn an honest living, and grow a pair.  
And to the obdurate, obtuse, bleeding-heart liberals who still might label such talk racist, let me pass along a message to you from my Hondurena wife. She told me to tell you that there is nothing more racist than for you to lump her – a good, decent, hardworking legal immigrant in with a bunch of illegal aliens. To you, she’s just another hapless, hopeless little brown-skinned foreigner. But, to her – and to me – she is a uniquely beautiful, dignified individual who deserves your respect and support for having overcome all odds, abided by the law and done things right...
All the while wearing her “Make America Great Again” hat!

Diogenes is the nom de guerre of a highly-placed Washington political operative who dares to tell the unvarnished truth.


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