Elizabeth Warren, in the final hours of 2018, announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president. She now stands as the first major candidate in a Democratic Party about to hold the primaries that it should have held in 2016.

Among everyone The New York Times says may seek the Democratic nomination, almost all the serious candidates would have been better off running two years ago. That includes Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker. Instead the 2016 fix was in: who doesn’t believe Obama pulled Biden aside to say, “Kid, this ain’t your year”? Warren, et al, either had their own come-to-Obama moments or were smart enough to back down with dreams of Clinton cabinet positions dancing in their heads. They reassured themselves they would still have time to run after Hillary wrapped up her eight years in office and before it was Chelsea’s turn.

Bernie likely never imagined he’d do much more than use his primary platform to give air to his signature issues of health care and economic reform. That’s why in the beginning he didn’t run against Hillary so much as alongside her, always gentle on her tender spots like those damn emails. But his message about Wall Street excesses and income inequality resonated. Bernie caught a tailwind, and when he did, we all know via the leaked DNC emails and some tell-alls how the Party took him out of the race using superdelegates, rigged debates, ad buys, and did other dirty tricks. Did you know he honeymooned in Russia?

The primary season was supposed to be little more than a warm-up for Hillary, with her Scooby van listening tour and her book tour and her “debates” with Martin O’Malley playing the role of the Washington Generals. How’d that work out anyway?


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