Eagle PAC exposes Liz Cheney's opposition to President Trump

From the very beginning of her time in congress to today, Congresswoman Liz Cheney has stoutly defended the Europeans and the bureaucrats at NATO over the legitmate criticism of President Trump. She has openly referred to  his positions as "wrong" while offering nothing more than pleading and begging for the Europeans to meet their obligations. 

The facts are clear, NATO has outlived its usefulness. It has become nothing more than a way for wealthy European governments to snooker the United States into paying for their defense while they use every trade tariff trick in the book to undercut the American worker. The example President Trump discussed at the NATO summit on July 11 shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how the United States is being played for a fool. While we spend billions of tax dollars to supposedly defend Germany from Russia, Germany is giving Russia a massive natural gas deal that pumps tens of billions into Russia - the so-called enemy. 

This charade needs to end American tax dollars and American sons and daughters should not be used in such a cynical ploy 

The goal Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagle PAC is to expose this farce and Liz Cheney's role in defending it and her opposition to what President Trump is working so hard to accomplish for American working families. 


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