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Awaiting them was a Sharia enforcer shrouded head to toe, except for a narrow slit in his robes.

The province is known for enforcing Islamic criminal codes, despite secular laws applying in most of the rest of Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country where most practice the faith moderately.

But in Aceh, alcohol is banned, and adultery, sex outside marriage and homosexual acts are among the crimes outlawed.

Punishments can include caning and whipping and imprisonment for those who break the strict laws, including travellers who fall foul of the rules.

The province has been criticised by human rights watchdogs including Amnesty International, which last year condemned the canings.

The group said some of those flogged included unmarried couples punished for showing affection in public.

At one point Aceh's Governor asked the capital's administration to bring the floggings indoors, to prevent investors being put off bringing their business to the region.

Hundreds have been punished since the rule was introduced in the area in 2005.
Source: Mirror


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