During an interview with CBS News’ Major Garrett that aired on “This Morning,” Vice President Mike Pence previewed President Donald Trump’s upcoming Oval Office address.

According to Pence, Trump will “be laying out the facts to the American people of what is a genuine humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.” 

“Major, as we sit here today, nearly 60,000 people over the past several months have attempted to come into our country illegally. But for the first time, the predominant number are families and unaccompanied children and it’s simply overwhelming the ability of our customs and border patrol to deal with it — add to that human trafficking, the flow of narcotics, the apprehension in the last year of 17,000 individuals at our southern border with previous criminal histories.”

He added, “The American people will hear from the president tonight that we have a crisis, and we have to address it. And the time has come for the Democrats to come to the table and start negotiating not just to end the partial government shutdown, but to address the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.”
Source: Breitbart


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