According to WGN News, the Deerfield ordinance included a blanket ban on "assault weapons" and "high capacity magazines," two terms that the gun rights groups who challenged the legislation said were inappropriately vague, as well as a ban on "semiautomatic rifles, semiautomatic shotguns and semiautomatic pistols with detachable magazines." The ordinance fined anyone within the city limits of Deerfield $1,000 per day until they relocated their guns to a gun club or other holding facility outside the city.

The same judge issued an order temporarily halting enforcement of the ordinance almost immediately after it was enacted by the Deerfield city council, and after two Illinois-based gun rights groups filed suit.

The judge, Luis Berrones, issued a final, permanent injunction Friday preventing Deerfield from enforcing the ordinance, finding that the Deerfield gun owners had “a clearly ascertainable right to not be subjected to a preempted and unenforceable ordinance,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The two gun owners who filed suit contended that Deerfield, Illinois — along with all other Illinois municipalities — had been given the chance to regulate "assault weapons" back in 2013 when the Illinois legislature passed an omnibus gun control bill after being ordered by both the Supreme Court and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to abandon their efforts to completely ban any kind of firearm.
Source: Daily Wire


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