Fashion and beauty magazines are struggling to stay relevant these days. With young women turning to Instagram and YouTube for style tips, print magazines are becoming a dying breed. In a plaintive attempt to remain connected, fashion and beauty magazines rushed into politics to cling for dear life. 

But not just politics — socialism, to be exact. 

Some headlines from Vogue and Teen Vogue:

April 11, 2018 - What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People

May 10, 2018 - Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar

June 25, 2018 - 28-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Might Just Be the Future of the Democratic Party 

October 15, 2018 - How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Other Progressives Are Defining the Midterms

In a tweet to promote the first article on the list, Teen Vogue wrote, "Capitalism is a huge driver of inequality, both social and economic." After Vogue promoted Ocasio-Cortez in October with a photoshoot by the industry's best photographer Annie Leibovitz, Teen Vogue tweeted, "Can't #endpoverty without ending capitalism!" 
Source: Town Hall


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