Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is trying hard to play the likable guy card. He’s trying to look sensible. He’s really working hard to appeal to the hard left elements of the Democratic Party, but also the more centrist slices of the country that are tired of the partisanship in Washington. He’s also totally full of it. Yesterday, we saw Booker call for a “revival of civic grace,” when he went on CBS This Morning. He was responding to President Trumps’ remarks about him; the president said he doesn’t have a chance against him in 2020. I mean, this is just unbelievable (via RCP) [emphasis mine]: 

President Trump said Sunday on "Face the Nation" that Booker has "no chance" against him in 2020. Booker said he is used to being "underestimated" and his political career is something "every American knows about."

"I think every American knows about being underestimated, being demeaned or just put down, it's something I faced all my political career in Newark going up against the machine. Look, the history of our country is a history of people underestimating this nation and doing impossible things, so we don't need a president that's going to put down people or divide people. This is really one of those times in American history I think we need a revival of civic grace and bringing people together," said Booker.

Oh, and you’re the man who’s going to do that, Cory? Bring us together and start a renaissance in civic grace. You just lack self-awareness, man. You call for all of this, while blithely ignoring that you called those supporting   Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court evil. That was one of the nastiest, most vicious SCOTUS battles in recent memory. And you just went off, saying that anyone who supports this man is complicit in evil
Source: Town Hall


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