2009-2017 was a horrible time for the United States. The economy was garbage. The GDP never made it past 2.9 percent while Obama was in office. This was the first time a president did not reach 3 percent growth, and his policies are the reason. Our military was abysmal. Armed forces personnel dealt with patchwork equipment, placing them in harm’s way. The stock market was stagnant. ISIS was thriving, and terror attacks on America’s soil were all too common. Obama minimized our religious freedoms for the sake of forcing a cultural agenda change that was entirely the opposite of Judeo-Christian values as a thumb in the eye of Christians.

The list could go on and on. Americans who opposed the normalization of far-left ideology were sick and tired of it. The 2016 election was a direct sentiment on former President Obama’s agenda. President Trump represented the complete opposite, and that is why he won.

Trump was real, brash and not afraid. He indeed was not a typical Republican politician. It was refreshing not to have another Bush or Romney type.
Source: Town Hall


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