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    Many people assume one religion is pretty much just like the rest. In fact many claim that every belief is just as valid as any other. Fortunately society doesn't always behave the way it talks. It is clear that our society still behaves as though there is right and wrong when it comes to some things, and this may be enough to defeat the enemy we are facing, because the beliefs they espouse cannot be brushed off as just "their way of life" even by the immoral and libertine society we live in. 

    I am talking, of course, about Islam. If you read the Koran, and knew the life of Mohammed, who is supposed to be the role model for how every Muslim should behave, then you would understand two things. First; that what the West calls terrorism is actually the waging of jihad in its physical form. Waging jihad in order to bring about the worldwide caliphate is commanded by the Koran, and death in "battle" against your enemy carries with it the greatest reward in the afterlife. On a side note jihadis pervert the word martyr by claiming that those who commit suicide in battle are worthy of that name. Second; that the Koran advises and permits many gross violations of the natural law, violations bad enough that even our corrupt society should be able to recognize them and consequently see that Islam and its Sharia Law can have no place on this planet. 


    The reason I am so blunt is that Islam sees itself as perfect, and so a "reform" would be considered blasphemy. If you do not believe what I have told you, then listen to what a former Iranian has to say about her experiences under Sharia Law, and listen to the FBI's subject matter expert on Islam, John Gaundolo, and educate yourself concerning this religion. And if you won't take their word, then read the Koran itself and study the life of Mohammed, and ask yourself why he, as they originator of that religion, would be a good role model.

See here for the video of: Sharia for Women: A Female Sharia Survivor Shares Her Story

And here for the link to Mr. Gaundolo's website. and in the research page read what is under the headings, The Threat, Key Documents, Islam/Sharia


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