Stephanopoulos, a former President Clinton staffer, was presumably signaling to producers to scrap Sekulow’s thoughts on the impeachment trial. ABC aired a few minutes of Sekulow updating reporters on his plans. After explaining that Trump’s legal team will call witnesses who don’t think alleged actions are impeachable, the camera cut back to Stephanopoulos, who was making the throat-slash gesture.

Stephanopoulos then smirked, appearing to realize his gesture was caught on live television.
Before he was cut off, Sekulow told reporters that Trump’s legal team planned to prove two different outlooks on impeachment that would both result in Trump remaining in office.

“We’ve got lawyers that are going to be put forward when our side of the case goes, that represents multiple schools of thought on what is and what is not an impeachable offense,” he said. “But they have one thing in common, that the actions alleged and the actions of the president do not reach that level. No matter what school of thought you’re on… our position is, you still have to meet basic, fundamental constitutional obligations and they haven’t.”
Source: Fox News


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