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In the space of only one month, six illegal immigrants have been arrested in the county for different sexual offenses, ranging from molestation to sexual assault at knife-point. One of the alleged victims was as young as 11 years old. The alleged perpetrators are all hail from either El Salvador or Honduras — and, again, all are here illegally.

Montgomery County officials bear the blame. The county is not officially a “sanctuary county,” but on its own official website, Montgomery County states that “as a matter of policy, we do not inquire about anyone’s immigration status to support immigration enforcement, nor do we conduct immigration raids or investigations.” So, close enough. The county has an “open door” policy for illegal immigrants.


It’s not only a surge in sexual violence that Montgomery County’s indulgent policies toward illegal immigrants is bringing to the formerly pacific area. MS-13, the homicidal Central American gang, is now active in the county, too. Local news outlet WJLA reported recently on the discovery of an MS-13 “destroyer house,” “outfitted with graffiti, a shrine to the Saint of Death and a miniature skeleton hanging from a ceiling fan.” The upshot is the gang was operating in plain sight out of the hideout in a busy area. MS-13 gang members have committed beatings, murders, and even forced teenagers into prostitution in the county.

Sanctuary policies like Montgomery County’s make a mockery of the rule of law. And the dangers aren’t merely theoretical, as the county’s travails over recent months demonstrate.

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