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On the other hand, it is perfectly reasonable to both support the death penalty and oppose abortion. We do have a right to life, but that right, like almost every other right, can be lost. An inmate serving a life sentence has permanently lost his right to free speech, his right to assembly, his right to bear arms, his right to vote, his right to privacy, his right to private property, and numerous other rights. Nobody quibbles over this. Obviously prison, must by its very nature, involve the curtailing of liberties. That's the whole point of the thing. But if all of these basic human rights can be suspended, or even lost, then why not the right to life? What is the limiting principle?


Indeed, even opponents of the death penalty must agree that the right to life is not absolute. If someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, it is not only your right but, if you have a family to protect, your obligation to meet the intruder with deadly force. But if that intruder has an absolute right to life, which cannot be lost under any circumstance, then you would be committing a human rights violation by shooting him. Anyone who agrees that it's potentially acceptable to shoot a home invader must therefore agree that the right to life is not insoluble or absolute.

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