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LAREDO, Texas—Temperatures along the southwest border here average about 90 degrees, and inside the trailer of an 18-wheeler can go up to 120 degrees, said Joel Martinez, deputy chief for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Laredo sector.

“We had a 18-wheeler with 120 people in the back. I think seven of them were juveniles,” Martinez told The Daily Signal about a catch of illegal immigrants in May. 

“So you can imagine what the consequence would be if they got past us, and they keep driving down the highway with that many people in the back, in the middle of the summer for Laredo. It’s torture.”

Such transport can be deadly for migrants willing to risk being smuggled into the United States, he said. 


“Unfortunately, we’ve seen what happens when these unscrupulous smugglers put people behind, in trailers or in trains. People die,” Martinez added.

“Luckily for them [the 120 in the tractor-trailer], our agents were doing their job, and they managed to find them before anything bad happened to them.”

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