The 'Uncle Tom' Card Is Dead

Pretty much any "person of color" who doesn't adhere militantly to Democrat Party orthodoxy has or will face the barbed charge...

When TED Talks Become PED Talks

TED Talks uses its platform to normalize that which should not be normalized....

Judges Shouldn't Be Refs Who Change the Rules Mid-Game

Suppose referees were more interested in the pursuit of what they saw as "football justice" than they were in the unbiased enf...

Free Trade is Treason

Economic patriotism put America first, and made America first....

Give Trump the Nobel Prize in Economics

Donald J. Trump is turning around the miserable Obama economy and producing the biggest economic boom since Ronald Reagan. ...

Why Listen to Experts When They Keep Getting Things Wrong?

Experts get so much wrong you have to wonder what the term even means any more....

When Straws Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Straws

You know you're a misguided environmentalist if you support banning plastic straws while still consuming trendy Frappuccino-li...

Remember When America Meddled in Russian Politics?

As for intervention in elections, how quickly we forget that the Clinton administration mounted a strong campaign to get Boris...

Reporters Should Act More Like Wikileaks and Less Like Swamp Things

Reporters fail as watchdogs when they turn into government lapdogs. They would do their jobs better if they took a more disrup...

Video: Maxine Waters on a Mission from God to Get Trump

Maxine Waters sees her fight against the Trump administration as a holy crusade....

Pro-Gun Rally Completely Ignored By Media

The press goes wild for anti-gun protesters, but when people turn out to support the Second Amendment, crickets....

In Tribute to Andy: An American Life

Andy could have been your father, your grandfather, your neighbor down the street. He fought for America, and lived for Americ...

Liberal: Impeach Trump Now Or He Will Be Reelected in a Landslide

Liberals are upset that our popular, successful president will be elected to a second term before they can oust him from offic...

Progressives Justify Muslim Violence Against Women

Feminists and leftists in general side with radical Muslims over the western women who are terrorized by them....

FISA Warrant Shows FBI Misled Spy Court on Trump Witch Hunt

Judicial Watch uncovers bombshell documents further unraveling the DOJ's anti-Trump plot...
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