Progressives Say No Free Speech for Conservatives

Progressives have no use for the First Amendment when conservatives disagree with them...

Feminists Say Abortion Is Good For You

Liberals are promoting abortion as a positive good....

People Suffering Trump Derangement Have Even Worse Problems

Call me an insensitive evil witch, but I have absolutely not a scintilla of sympathy for those who complain of suffering with ...

Trump Tower Meeting Was Not A Crime: It Was A Setup

Fusion GPS-connected Veselnitskaya had no anti-Hillary material to offer. She wormed her way onto Trump Jr.’s schedule by dang...

The Feminist Jihad Against Boys and Men

Forget the mythical war on women. What we're really seeing in American culture is a growing war on men. ...

Black Professor: If You Don't Agree With Me, You're a Racist Who Likes Making Death Threats

So, to get this straight, you may not be racist, but if you believe that most Americans aren't racist, just like you, you're a...

A Trump Court Is In The Making

Donald Trump is restoring Constitutionalism to the Supreme Court ...

The Democrats' Immigration Hypocrisy

They attack President Donald Trump and the Republican Party at every turn for actions and misdeeds the Democratic Party was gu...

Pro-Trump Latina Tells Illegals To Go Back Where They Came From

If all of this sounds like I am saying to you that I consider illegal aliens a bunch of greedy, grasping slackers who ought to...

Unvarnished: Robert Mueller's Contempt for the Rule of Law

Robert Mueller is a cover-up artist of the first magnitude. A holier-than-thou shyster. A con artist. And a dirty cop....

The Resistance is Killing Dem Hopes for a 2018 Blue Wave

Democrats can't win the moderate voters they need by spouting hard left-wing nonsense ...

Stop Saying Progressive When You Mean Communist

Democrats used to hide their beliefs in the things Ocasio-Cortez advocates. They acted and campaigned as “moderates.” No more....

President Trump's Reaganesque Foreign Policy

Like Reagan, Trump came to office with the goal of restoring America’s economic strength at home, and preeminence abroad. On b...

The Manafort Show Trial is a Warm-up for Railroading Donald Trump

The political show trial of Paul Manafort is just a warm-up for what Mueller, et al, are already salivating over as their fina...

The Liberal Stampede to Abolish ICE

The Democrats' assault on ICE means the radical wing has taken over...
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