Mike Huckabee Predicts Democratic Insanity Over Trump's SCOTUS Pick

Mike Huckabee says Democrats will portray whoever President Donald Trump picks to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Antho...

Trump Offers Warren $1M to Prove Native Heritage Claim

President Trump offers Sen. Warren a DNA kit to prove her Cherokee roots...

Immigration Radicals Are Helping President Trump

Liberals and the media say the immigration issue favors Democrats. They are so very wrong....

FACT: Most Arrested by ICE Are Convicted Criminals

Around 74% of ICE arrests are of convicted criminals, yet Democrats still want to abolish the agency...

Angry Progressives Run On Impeachment for 2018

Impeachment is the number one Democratic issue for the 2018 midterms, even if party leaders won’t admit it....

Mom Shoots Man Who Took Car With Her Kids Inside

"I hope that woke him up," said firearm-packing mom Michelle Booker-Hicks ...

Americans: Messy, Argumentative, Sometimes Ungrateful, But Free

Freedom...Liberty...Justice...Simple concepts to understand but extremely hard to get right...even harder to keep...And terrib...

Study: Taking Kids to Parades Helps Turn Them Into Republicans

Science says if you take your kids to a Fourth of July parade, you might be transforming them into activist Republicans....

Facebook Rejects Patriotic Video Ad Claiming It Has Political Content

Facebook says a July 4th music video is too political to promote. But since when is Independence Day about politics, unless it...

Put Illegals And Refugees In Rich Liberal Communities

To get real immigration reform, send refugees and illegals to upscale liberal neighborhoods. That should liven up the debate. ...

Backfire: Liberals Promote Court Packing Schemes That Could Give Trump Six Supreme Court Picks

Liberals upset over President Trump’s second opportunity for a Supreme Court appointment are proposing to reshape the court in...

The Progressives' Uncivil War on Civility

If progressives think "taking it to the streets" is going to usher in their brave new socialist world, they are in for a surpr...

Trump Poll Numbers Are Probably Even Better Than Reported

Hard-core Trump supporters never answer polls, so when pollsters start reporting good news you know it is better than the surv...

Maxine Waters Defends Public Shaming, Slams Schumer for Saying Harassment "Not American"

Maxine Waters wants to ramp up confrontations and pushed back against Chuck Schumer for saying that publicly harassing politic...

Roe v. Wade Reversal: Even With a Conservative Court Majority It's Complicated

Even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, how many states will then outlaw abortion?...
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