Advocates stand up for abused animals in court

The woman in the fleece-lined flannel shirt stood quietly, eyes mostly downcast, glancing occasionally at her public defender ...

Ex-Clinton Staffers Slam Sanders Over Private Jet Flights

Sen. Bernie Sanders is still the subject of grousing by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign staff, ...

Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives

What will it take for conservatives to stand up against the blatant tyranny against them?...

Woman Arrested for Assaulting Man Wearing MAGA Hat on Cape Cod

MAGA hats are a symbol of oppression to the left, so assaulting someone for wearing one is a perfectly rational response....

Should Drug Dealers Be Charged With Murder? States Ponder

Having lost his 29-year-old son to a fentanyl overdose, Dean Palozej believes dealers who peddle drugs that kill should be loc...

AOC: 'Is it Okay to Still Have Children?' Takes Jabs at Feinstein

Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested on Sunday night that people should consider not having chi...

President Trump Partially Defunds Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump today finalized an administrative rule that would partially defund the Planned Parenthood abortion busi...

Gloria Steinem Rips Media: Where are Women?

In a scathing new report from some of the nation’s most influential feminists, the media is being ripped for largely remaining...

Polls Show Netanyahu in Political Fight of Life

New polls released Thursday evening showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party trailing well behind the new joint ...

Obama judge, Trump judge, Clinton judge to hear border wall emergency challenges

One Clinton judge, an Obama judge, and a Trump judge. That’s who’s been assigned to hear the legal challenges filed so far to...

Obama-Appointed Judge Gags Roger Stone

'I’m not giving you another chance!' Judge imposes total gag order on Roger Stone despite apology for posting 'sinister' image...

CNN: Mueller Report Next Week

Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of special counsel Robert Mueller's R...

Trudeau Popularity Plunges After Scandal

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a difficult election campaign after a new poll saw the scandal-hit leader’s a...

Construction Begins in San Diego

Construction began to replace 14 miles of border barriers in San Diego. Steel barricades will replace a steel-mesh fence that ...

Coast Guard Lieutenant Arrested in Terror Plot

‘I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth’: A self-proclaimed white nationalist planned a mass terrori...
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