The Immigrants Challenging Europe’s Code of Silence on Islam

Over the holidays, two developments in Europe’s immigration and multiculturalism battle stood out particularly. First to Franc...

More Populist, More Conservative

Conservatives on both sides of Tucker Carlson’s broadside against America’s elite last week should be grateful he launched it....

A Stalemate as Trump Goes Factual, Democrats Illogical

The televised presidential address from the Oval Office, a staple of communication between the chief executive and the people ...

The Border Wall or Bust

President Donald Trump's Oval Office address this week was a total bust. His visit to the border fared no better. Trump pred...

Hold Tight on the Wall, President Trump

The Democrats are no more serious about border security today than they were when they falsely promised Ronald Reagan in 1986 ...

Revealed: Number Registered to Vote in Los Angeles County Far Exceeds Population of US Citizens

A leftover from earlier in the week that I wanted to make sure didn't get buried amid fast-moving news cycles: The state of Ca...

There Is More to Governing Than Government

Republicans and Democrats are carrying on in Washington as if the fate of the world depends upon how they resolve the partial ...

He Said, She and He said

The budget shutdown is currently the second-longest on record, on track to break the 1995-96 shutdown, which lasted 21 days. T...

The Trump Speech and The Response

​Despite advance billing that President Trump's border wall speech would break news and contain new information, it was mostly...

Holding the Line on Border Security: President Trump Heads to Texas as Pelosi and Schumer Lie About Their Meeting

​President Trump is headed to Texas Thursday for a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border as he holds the line against Democrats on s...

Bernie Sanders Says 'Biggest Crisis of All' May Be Climate Change in Response to Trump Address

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gave a video response Tuesday evening to President Trump’s Oval Office address on the need to secur...

Oh, Here We Go: Democrats Introduce Bill To Abolish Electoral College

Yes, we all knew this was probably going to come up, given how Democrats reacted to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. House Democra...

Democratic Party Has Become a Cartoon Version of Its Former Self

There was a time long, long ago in which the national Democratic Party actually stood for something. Real ideas. Not necess...

Left-Wing Fake News Hurts the Nation

​Left-wing media stalwarts such as Newsweek, Huffington Post and Salon launched a barrage of fake news after I appeared on "Fo...

Border Wall: Monument for the People, Not Pols

​Profligate politicians have never met a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project they didn't like — except when it comes to...
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