Biden rips 'white man's culture'

Former Vice President Joe Biden condemned “a white man’s culture” as he lashed out at violence against women and, more specifi...

'US' Filmmaker: Don't see myself casting white dude as lead

Hot off the record-breaking success of his latest high-minded horror flick, the writer-director advised Hollywood improv stude...

Trump's DOJ looks to smash Obamacare

On Monday the Justice Department informed a federal appeals court that it approved of an appeals court decision that stated th...

The next big challenge to Roe v. Wade is brewing

Now that Donald Trump’s nominees have shifted the makeup of the Supreme Court, we’re starting to see what the next legal chall...

Obama cautions freshman House Democrats about the price tag of liberal policies

Former president Barack Obama gently warned a group of freshman House Democrats Monday evening about the costs associated with...

Jeff Zucker: No regrets on CNN's Russia hoax

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker is pushing back against critics accusing the news network of being one of the chief propag...

Israel mobilizes after Gaza rocket attack, escalation looms

An early morning rocket fired from the Gaza Strip demolished a house in central Israel on Monday, wounding seven people and pr...

Judge tosses Chicago Suburb's 'Assault Weapons' ban

A Lake County Circuit Court judge has ruled that Deerfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, cannot enact a blanket ban on "assa...

Van Jones on Mueller Report: 'Sadness, disappointment, and disorientation'

Former Barack Obama administration official Van Jones told CNN’s Don Lemon on Sunday evening that Special Counsel Robert Muell...

TRUMP WINS: No collusion, no obstruction, no crime

Robert Mueller's report indicated that neither the president nor his campaign colluded with the Russian government during the ...

New Clinton Email exposes plan to thwart U.S. 'Jewish Leadership'

"The bad cop must be a political appointee, Jewish, considered the true friend of Israel..."...

Trump blasts 'Anti-Jewish' Democrats for skipping AIPAC conference

President Donald Trump reacted to the news Friday that 2020 Democratic candidates are skipping the American Israel Public Affa...

Investigative decision of ICE feel ostracized

They broke up an international movie piracy ring, returned the hand of an ancient mummy to Egypt and helped arrest the world's...

'I was too worried about approval' says feminist icon Steinem

'I would have done things faster': veteran feminist Gloria Steinem...

'Medieval diseases flare as unsanitary living conditions proliferate

Typhus and other infectious illnesses hit homeless communities...
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