ICYMI: Congress Avoids Government Shutdown By Kicking The Can On Border Wall Funding Down The Road

The deadline is here—and there will be no government shutdown. Congress passed a temporary stopgap measure last night to avoid...

Kevin Hart Is Out as Oscars Host Because...You Guessed It...Tweets.

​And the Oscars hosting gig goes to...well, we're still waiting to see who's name is in the envelope....

Ocasio-Cortez Is Borrowing from the Trump Playbook

One of the most comforting talking points in politics is to claim that your political opponents are irrationally obsessed. I'm...

Trump Nominates New Attorney General

​President Trump has nominated a "brilliant man" to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general, the president said outside the ...

Deserving the Leaders We Choose

There is not much to say about President George H.W. Bush that has not already been said in the days celebrating the late man'...

COVFEFE CHRISTMAS Featuring President Trump Tweets by New York Times Best Selling Author Ed Martin including the COVFEFE Tweet Three Book Holiday Gift Set

​Covfefe Christmas Coloring Book Comic with song has been released by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. in association with Ed ...

Trump's Trade Talk: NAFTA, the New NAFTA or No NAFTA?

​After spending months complaining about the disparity between the United States and other nations' duties, along with the unf...

What Voters Would Include in Comprehensive Immigration Reform

For many years, political leaders from both major parties have dreamed of "comprehensive immigration reform." The core idea ha...

A Witch Hunt or an Investigation by a Brutal Book?

The nation has paused this week from its toxic political battles to remember the kindness and gentleness of President George H...

Democrats in Trouble

I see that that the presidential prospects of Michael Avenatti have suffered a setback. Actually, they have suffered several s...

Thinking About What's Right in America

​Amid this holiday season of reflection, I'm thinking about America's future. A new poll from Gallup serves up some sobering d...

Chuck Grassley Wants to Know: Why Did FBI Agents Raid the House of a Whistleblower Exposing the Clintons?

Last week the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a whistleblower who gave information and documents to the Department of Justice Insp...

Stop Partisan Corpse Abuse

​Impolite question, but it needs to be asked: Is there a Republican dead body that left-wing partisans won't use to bash Donal...

When Can Americans Be Arrested in Retaliation for What They Say?

​It may be a prudent policy to always be polite to the police, but does that mean Americans must give up the right to be rude?...

Daily Beast’s Woodruff: Dems ‘Lining Up’ to Get on Nadler’s Committee Anticipating Impeachment

Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” political reporter for the Daily Beast Betsy Woodruff said Democrats are “lining up” to get on t...
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